Money and You: Seniors Edition aims to help those in the senior years, or nearing senior years, with the many financial decisions that arise and that remain.
Our goal is to inform you and help prepare you to be aware of important decisions, plan and think ahead, and be able to undertake money decisions with greater confidence and competence. It is important, in the senior years, to stay in control of your money – set and achieve new goals which includes goals we set for our legacy beyond our years. We hope you find it to be a useful resource.


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Topics include:

  • Decisions! Decisions to Make and Who Can Help
  • Government Pension Sources
  • Budgeting and Maintaining Financial Control
  • Borrowing Money in Senior Years
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Accommodation and Lifestyle
  • Putting Your Money to Work as Your Lifestyle Changes
  • An Introduction to Retirement Income Planning
  • Protecting Your Health and Assets
  • Death of a Spouse or Parent
  • Planning for Cognitive Impairment
  • Inevitability – Planning for End of Life

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