Creating a legacy for the people, organizations and causes you care about requires proactive planning. We will help you create a carefully structured estate plan that reflects your unique wishes, protects your wealth and provides clarity to those you love.

You have worked hard to build your wealth and now is the time to take control of the estate planning process. There is a lot to consider when preparing a properly structured estate plan that fulfills your wishes.

  • Customized estate planning Every estate plan is different, and we can help ensure that your plan addresses your needs. Whether you own a business or a vacation property, are separated or divorced, or are part of a blended family or common-law relationship, your estate plan should be customized to your specific situation.
  • Involving your family Properly structured estate plans protect families and clearly define your wishes. Distributing your assets among your beneficiaries without creating tension among them requires sensitivity and careful consideration.
  • Avoiding tax-related surprises and disappointments When considering your personal legacy, it is important to understand how your estate may be taxed at the time of your death, and to best plan for tax.